Giovanni Biondi

Giovanni Biondi, Chair, European Schoolnet

He has directed for several years the ANSAS (National Agency for the Development of School Autonomy), the former INDIRE (National Institute for the Development of Innovation and Research in Education) until recent time. He has also planned and developed the first databases of the Italian school system. He is the Chair of European Schoolnet

Appointed as a professor in several Italian universities, Mr Biondi has also taught abroad in foreign universities. He has collaborated with numerous research institutes worldwide, such as ETS (USA) and UNESCO, and since 1985 he has also been involved in several international collaborative projects. He has developed as well experimental programmes such as those in automation, based on cd/isis software (UNESCO), while carrying out educational activities for international organizations (FAO)

Govanni Biondi has also an extensive experience in the management of European programmes and projects. In 1985 he became head of the Italian Eurydice Unit; in 1995 he was appointed as director of the Italian Socrates Agency and in 1996 he was among the founders of European Schoolnet…

In 2001, within INDIRE, Mr Biondi designed PuntoEdu, an eLearning environment initially targeting the new recruited teachers, on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Education. Since then, the eLearning training environment of PuntoEdu has been implemented involving about 700.000 teachers every year. PuntoEdu has now expanded, becoming one of the largest and interesting eLearning environments in the world.

In 2009, Mr Biondi became Head of Department for the Planning and the Human, Financial and Instrumental Resources in the Italian Ministry of Education.

Giovanni Biondi is also a member of the scientific and directorial committees of several magazines and is the author of lots of publications on ICT in education.

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