Sergio Rossetti


He was born in Genoa, May 23, 1963, is married and has two children. Since 2003 he was general manager of the association “Chiossone Institute for the blind and partially sighted people” who operates an accreditation scheme RSA psychiatric health, two residences protected / RSA for a total of 152 geriatric beds, a semi-residential center for 15 visually impaired, a disabled RSA 17 beds, two visual rehabilitation centers, one for pediatric, one adult for a total of 160 employees and a turnover of over 8 million.

Previously, from 1993 to 2002 he served as commissioner for social services, health and relationships with local planning and management of health services in the Municipality of Genoa. In the two cycles also had administrative powers to immigration, catering and school transport, problems at work, the prevention of youth problems and school health.

His initial training was at the center of Solidarity of Genoa where he played both the voluntary activities of worker and manager of the center of the field studies and prevention

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