Pedagogical Practices Workshop – 16 Nov

The Pedagogical Practices Workshop gave a great overview of how eTwinning is used and seen from teachers, eTwinning ambassadors, and policy makers.

They have all agreed that eTwinning had changed their life, and their motivation in their work.

“ I have grown more in 5 years in collaborative work than in 27 years of teaching.”

For teachers, eTwinning is the important source of inspiration schools need to reach the pedagogical goals of 2020.

eTwinning is working towards the goals of 2020 concerning better ICT and language teaching in schools, as well as better European connections, but teachers would need the help of  European and national policy makers for: dysfunctional schools settings, lack of ICT or language competencies, conflict between teachers and teachers insecurities.


Teachers need time, patience, trust, commitment, shared goals communication and a reliable partner. They can find the latter in eTwinning.

Teachers often wonder how to better communicate with other teachers, and most of them feel isolated. eTwinning is the social bridge which links pupils across Europe.

eTwinning team have all benefits of any teaching team, and moreover the European dimension, the use of ICT, use of languages in a real context, cooperative learning, professional development, and learning to learn.

“With eTwinning, teachers are part of a team in their own schools and in Europe.”


How does eTwinning help with ICT practices?

To be linked to another eTwinning school, classes are encouraged to use ICT and web 2.0 tools a lot more.

eTwinning teachers confess they use ICT in the classroom at least twice as much since they are eTwinners.

Besides, pupils learn to use those tools in a real context, serving real goals.

“You can’t imagine the revolution that this new way of work has made in my pedagogical practice.”


How does eTwinning help with teaching of languages?

Great examples of language practice were given during this session.

Engaging in an eTwinning International experience helps children from all horizons in London to be integrated, and helps the natives to understand the International dimension.


In Italy, eTwinning is used to make pupils play the role of teachers for pupils in another country: they have to research, learn, make presentations in another language, explain the context, …

So they learn much more than if they had learn their lessons by heart, and they have a lot more fun.

 “I am fascinated with this new world of teaching and learning.”


Ministries of Educations see in eTwinning the following pedagogical values:

eTwinning is extremely valuable, for International its dimension, working with real and concrete teaching activities.

Classes using eTwinning face cultural, technical and language barriers, so they have to be innovative to overpass those barriers.

Lots of 21st century competences are dealt with thanks to eLearning, and really easily.

Future of schooling is taking place in eTwinning and its easy technology.

“With eTwinning, teachers are part of a team in their own schools and in Europe.”



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