Summary report from all sessions (November 16)

Introduction and Animation:

  • Marc Durando,Executive Director, European Schoolnet

Round table members:

  • Jose Vitor Pedroso, Porugal NSS and MeE (about Session: Professional Development of teachers)
  • Jan de Cramer, Flaners MoE & Susan Linklater UK NSS (Session: Pedagogical practices)
  • Agustin Munoz, MoE Spain/NSS (Session: Recognition-assessment of teachers),
  • Michel Perez, MoE France, General inspectorate (Embedding eTwinning into Educational policies)

One recommendation regarding one the four themes developed in the workshop:

  • Agustin Munoz: Pay attention to teachers’ non-formal recognition that they receive from eTwinning, but also to formal recognition. These records can potentially be used for teachers’ professional career.
  • Michel Perez: Tools and kits for new comers and least experienced teachers to eTwinning. The first step is hardest to make, we cannot afford to loose the one who are at the starting phase.
  • Susan Linklater: Accreditation and real evidence on the impact of eTwinning (e.g. learning events, project work) on teachers’ skills and job satisfaction. This area needs more acknowledgement, and only way to get it is through hard eveidence and research.
  • Jose Vitor Pedroso:  Attention on students. Not only recognise teachers’ participation in eTwinning. Many say they don’t have time because of exams. We should start recognise collaboration skills as part of students’ skills set!
  • Jan de Cramer:  Supportive technologies. Time to evaluate tools that are out there for eTwinning, e.g.  evaluate how existing other open tools could be used in eTwinning setting.

See also the slides on the summary of the sessions when they become available.

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