Professional Development workshop (14.30-16.00)

Teacher presentations:

1. The first speaker, eTwinning teacher Tiina Sarisalmi from Finland, has just shared her eTwinning experiences in her own professional development career in eTwinning (from eTwinning projects to running Learning Events), emphasising the mentoring opportunities given by eTwinning. The audience has time for questions to her. Download the presentation here

2. Romanian teacher, Daniela Arghir, tells about her experience in running a Learning Lab on Web Based Video – Educational Use within eTwinning. View all Learning Labs running this autumn 2011 here.

eTwinning National Support Service presentations:

1. In Portugal, the National Support Service offers both formal and informal training opportunities to teachers. Within formal training, there is a certified course based on blended learning model, comprising of 30 hours of coursework using Moodle. Each course has about 20 teachers. So to say, in Portugal, working in eTwinning can be used in different levels of teachers’ proficiency. There are 3 levels and involvement in eTwinning can be used to recognise work on levels 2 and 3. There is also informal training opportunities, such as school visits and supports, webinars and online support, that allow for peer-learning.

2. In Spain, the National Support Service  also offers teachers’ PD opportunities (to be continued)

General note: the study from 2010 concluded that in 58% of eTwinning countries can be used, at least to some extent, to support the goals of professional development programmes. Download the full report here (PDF). The report has been translated.

Download session animator, Adam Pokorny’s, DG Education and Culture, European Commision, presentation (pdf) 7.4Mb